Fresh Black Summer Truffles

Fresh Italian black summer truffles (Tuber Aestivum Vitt) has a rich woodsy aroma with wild mushroom, flavors of garlic and earthy hazelnut undertones that is perfect for those light spring and summer dishes.


The fresh Italian black summer truffles are harvested from May through August, depending on the weather and the season.


When mature, The fresh Italian black summer truffles are near black on the surface with a pale grey flesh and white marbling that does not change color when exposed to air.


The fresh Italian black summer truffles are usually found in limestone terrains, oakwoods and pinewoods.

Fresh Black Summer Truffles

  • We only sell all raw, wild and fresh truffles (not reserved). Due to the nature of the product, the delivery is based on the booking method and depending on the availability.


    We will make efforts to find the exact size of your order. However, as It is a wild organic natural product,  if we can not be able to find the whole piece, we will take a smaller pieces to meet the total weight of your order. If the  whole size piece's weight has over than the origials, we will offer the larger pieces.


    Therefore, the price will be vaired. Our staff will directly contact you and integrate the price based on your initial average price per gram. shall you have any inquiries, please contact or email to us. 


  • We will have a weekly shippment and take 3-4 days to be arrived in your hand, but all deliveries will be subject to potentia lDelay restrictions, including but not limited to adverse traffic and other adverse conditions.


    We pay attention to the provision of temperature controlled transport of truffles and the most suitable packaging to protect this very precious product.